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With over 20 years of experience in the health and social care recruitment, CareStaff24 specialises in providing quality, temporary staffing solutions into the health and social care sector.

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CareStaff24 is a care and nursing agency based in Eastbourne and Hastings, delivering services across the whole of East Sussex. We have jobs for Healthcare Assistants, Support Workers and Registered Nurses, all of whom work flexible hours to suit them and our clients. We offer care and nursing agency staffing support services across Eastbourne, Hastings, Polegate, Hailsham, Heathfield, Uckfield, Seaford, Lewes, Brighton and Crawley.

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What Makes Us Different?

CareStaff24 differentiates itself through its specialised focus on Health & Social Care recruitment, its emphasis on compliance and training, personalised candidate matching, and its commitment to cultivating enduring relationships. These factors collectively position CareStaff24 as a standout choice in the competitive landscape of healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK.

Specialised Healthcare Focus

CareStaff24 stands out by specialising exclusively in Health & Social Care recruitment. This specialisation allows them to deeply understand the unique needs of healthcare facilities and professionals, ensuring a targeted approach that aligns perfectly with the industry's requirements.

Comprehensive Compliance and Training

One of CareStaff24's differentiators is its strong emphasis on compliance and training. They go the extra mile to ensure that their candidates are not only qualified but also up-to-date with the latest healthcare regulations and best practices. This commitment to compliance enhances patient safety and the overall quality of care provided.

Personalised Candidate Matching

CareStaff24's approach to candidate matching goes beyond surface-level qualifications. They take the time to understand each candidate's skills, preferences, and career goals, enabling them to make precise placements that benefit both the healthcare facility and the individual professional.

Long-Term Relationship Building

Rather than treating placements as transactions, CareStaff24 focuses on building enduring relationships with both their clients and candidates. This dedication to long-term partnerships ensures that they continue to provide reliable staffing solutions and support to healthcare organisations, contributing to their success over time.

How Our Team Delivers

CareStaff24 delivers value to both clients and employees by offering tailored staffing solutions, vetted professionals, reliability, long-term partnerships, professional growth opportunities, flexibility, competitive compensation, benefits, and a supportive work environment. These approaches showcase CareStaff24's dedication to ensuring the success of both healthcare facilities and the professionals they place.

For Clients

Tailored Staffing Solutions

CareStaff24 understands that each healthcare facility has unique staffing needs. They excel in providing tailored staffing solutions that match the specific requirements of their clients. Whether it's a temporary vacancy, permanent placement, or last-minute shift cover, CareStaff24's flexibility ensures that clients receive the right healthcare professionals to meet their demands.

Vetted and Compliant Professionals

Clients can rely on CareStaff24 to provide qualified, experienced, and compliant healthcare professionals. Through rigorous vetting processes and a commitment to compliance, CareStaff24 ensures that the professionals they place meet the highest standards of competency and regulatory compliance.

Reliability and Timeliness

CareStaff24 understands the critical nature of staffing in healthcare. They pride themselves on their ability to respond promptly to client requests, providing reliable and timely staffing solutions. This responsiveness helps healthcare facilities maintain continuity of care and manage unexpected staffing gaps.

Long-Term Partnerships

CareStaff24 doesn't just view clients as transactions; they aim to build lasting partnerships. By understanding each client's unique challenges and goals, they establish relationships built on trust and collaboration. This approach allows them to continuously provide effective staffing solutions and adapt to evolving needs.

For Employees

Professional Growth Opportunities

CareStaff24 is invested in the professional development of its employees. They offer opportunities for healthcare professionals to gain experience in different settings, enhance their skills, and progress in their careers. This approach supports employees' long-term career goals.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

CareStaff24 values the contributions of their employees and offers competitive compensation packages and benefits. They recognize that a well-compensated and supported workforce is crucial for delivering high-quality patient care.

Supportive Work Environment

CareStaff24 fosters a supportive work environment where employees feel valued and respected. Their commitment to employee well-being contributes to job satisfaction and enhances the overall quality of work for healthcare professionals.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

CareStaff24 acknowledges the importance of work-life balance for healthcare professionals. They provide flexible working options that cater to employees' preferences, allowing them to choose shifts that align with their schedules and personal commitments.