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We specialise in providing recruitment services for the healthcare sector across East Sussex, UK.

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CareStaff24, the leading healthcare recruitment provider, is committed to forging partnerships with healthcare sectors seeking recruitment opportunities, offering unparalleled expertise and support.

Healthcare recruitment solutions

Where A Partnership Starts

A strong recruitment partnership is vital for ensuring that clients receive the right level of staff expertise and support, while also empowering providers to consistently meet their staffing requirements with skilled professionals.


Regulatory Compliance

A great partnership involves ensuring that all staff provided by us adhere to strict regulatory standards and possess the necessary qualifications and certifications required by governing bodies in the healthcare sector.


Quality Assurance

A great partnership involves a commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement. CareStaff24 regularly monitor the performance of staff members, gather feedback from clients, and implement measures to enhance the quality of service delivery and client satisfaction.

Social Support

Rapid Response

A reliable partnership is characterised by CareStaff24's ability to respond promptly to staffing requests, especially in urgent situations such as last-minute cover for sick leave or unexpected increases in workload.


Comprehensive Screening and Training

We conduct thorough screening processes, including background checks and competency assessments, to ensure that all staff members are capable, trustworthy, and well-suited for their roles. Additionally, offering training opportunities to staff can enhance their skills and performance.


Ongoing Support and Communication

Effective communication and ongoing support are essential aspects of a successful partnership. We maintain regular contact with the client to address any concerns, provide updates, and ensure that staffing needs are consistently met.


Tailored Staffing Solutions

CareStaff24 offer personalised staffing solutions that meet the unique needs of the healthcare facility, including providing staff with specific skills and experience relevant to the sector and the client's requirements.