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Here at CareStaff24, our nurses, healthcare assistants and support workers are trained to provide you with exceptional care, when you need it most.

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From the initial recruitment process to the final placement, our dedicated teams are committed to thoroughly grasping the essence of your business, your workforce, and your values. Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering exceptional patient care by connecting you with highly skilled healthcare professionals precisely when your organisation requires it. Count on CareStaff24 as your reliable healthcare staffing solution, ensuring reliability and quality every step of the way.

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Our Client Sectors

CareStaff24 offers Part-Time, Full-Time, Temporary & Permanent staffing solutions

Care Homes

Recruiting for care homes in the UK is of utmost importance to ensure that elderly and vulnerable individuals receive the quality care and support they deserve. Care homes rely on a dedicated and skilled workforce to provide compassionate assistance, maintain a safe environment, and enhance the overall well-being of residents, making recruitment efforts vital for meeting the growing demand for quality elderly care in the country.

Nursing Homes

Residential nursing homes in the UK play a crucial role in providing specialised and comprehensive care for individuals with complex medical needs or chronic conditions. These homes offer a safe and supportive environment, round-the-clock nursing care, and access to specialised medical services, making them vital for ensuring the well-being and quality of life for residents who require intensive nursing support.

NHS Hospitals

NHS hospitals in the UK are a cornerstone of the healthcare system, providing essential medical services to millions of people across the country.

These hospitals offer a wide range of specialised treatments, emergency care, and comprehensive healthcare services, playing a vital role in promoting public health, managing acute conditions, and providing ongoing care for chronic illnesses.

Mental Health Units

Mental health units in the UK are essential for providing specialised care and support to individuals facing mental health challenges. These units play a critical role in promoting mental well-being, offering a safe and therapeutic environment, and delivering evidence-based treatments.

Support Living

Supported living in the UK is vital for individuals with disabilities or complex needs, as it enables them to live independently within their communities while receiving necessary support. The recruitment of dedicated and compassionate staff for supported living is crucial.

Private Care

Private care in the UK plays a significant role in meeting the diverse healthcare needs of individuals who seek personalised and tailored services. It offers a range of options, from residential care homes to home care services, providing flexibility and choice for those requiring additional support.

Our Recruitment Process

As a dedicated care and nursing agency, we work closely with you to ensure the appropriate level of care and support is given to each person. We work hard to ensure we find the best fit of people and shifts for hospital environments, residential and nursing homes.



We go through rigorous recruitment, training and supervision of our care staff.


Our Policy

Our policy is to get back to you within 30 minutes of a shift being requested.


Staff Profile

We will send you a staff profile so you know who be arriving to cover your shift.



We will work hard to give you the same staff for your shifts to help deliver continuity of care.

Your Recruitment Partner

Whether you are looking for short or long term staff cover, we can help. We are able to provide care and nursing staff for last-minute cover such as staff sickness, or long term cover for maternity contracts or holidays. Whatever your needs, our team is there to help.

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